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Cleaner Degreaser
Cleaner Degreaser
BioBased cleaner degreaser
Ship Yards - Marine Facilities - Marinas
We've got you covered! From storm water filtration to bottom washing
containment, our team of experts can assist in bringing your facilities into
compliance. Environmental concerns are now in the forefront of operational
and facility management. Spill containment and cleanup materials in both
natural  dispersant solutions with oil eating microbes and adsorption mats,
booms, and filters.
Global Marine Consulting, Inc.
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Global Marine Consulting
Welcome to Global Marine Consulting

Based in Bradenton, FL., Global Marine Consulting is a manufacturer and supplier of environmental
technology products.
Global incorporates the newest science and technology into its product line of
emissions management systems, oil and fuel filtration, and soil and water bio-remediation agents.  
Global's products are scientifically created, and, because of 21st Century technology, obsoletes many
products that have been in the marketplace creating needless damage to the environment and to
peoples health. Our mission is to provide you immediate cost savings and a quick measurable return
on investment. We look forward to working with you and providing cost effective solutions for your
company's unique needs.
Global EMS Technology
(Emissions Management System)

EMS System Technology from Global Marine Consulting
turns any diesel engine Tier 4 compliant instantly. It is a
complete combustion treatment incorporating our proprietary
EMFIS Technology. The future in exhaust emissions
reduction is here. Diesel Particulate Filters and Selective
Catalytic Reduction systems along with their unreliability,
high maintenance, and health concerns are a thing of the
past, not the future...
   read on......
Disclaimer:  Global Marine Consulting, this web site, it's agents and representatives offers product details and information in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy
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Each of these industries are applicable to our products and services. Developed to withstand the
harshest of conditions for Marine Industry, our products are an easy fit for trucks, loaders, excavators,
cranes, and farm tractors. Also, power generation and both offshore and onshore oil platforms will all